Monday, July 13, 2009

Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant

When I first moved to Orlando, I went for a ride to learn the area. I saw this restaurant/bakery on Curry Ford and thought that this place would be cool to eat at. I was half right. I ordered a Torta sandwich, which is a pretty big sandwich. It was really good until i found a huge bone in my food. My fiancee had Steak with Unions and fried Yucca. I did have a taste and it was good, but very plain. Sadly I must give this restaurant a bad rating because of the service, price and layout.

As you can see from the picture, the owners would rather have an expensive car then make the inside look nice. When we left they were unloading bottled water from the car. We did say we wanted water and they gave us bottled. When we really wanted Orlando's Finest (Tap water). It was dark and gloomy, bugs where flying about in the restaurant. Our waitress was also our cook, and the food took extra long to come to us. She did not speak english that well. Good thing my fiancee was there and knows some spanish.

If you do plan on going here, make sure you bring someone that speaks spanish. I rate this 2/5 chef hats. I really don't like giving low scores, but this place really did not impress me or my fiancee.

Location: 5663 Curry Ford Rd. - Orlando
Phone: (407) 3840175