Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sushiology - Japanese

During Lunch hour, I'm always looking for a quick delicious and healthy meal, driving down the block I see this sushi place with a funny name, Sushiology. I thought, "Hey I love sushi, I wonder what kind of place it is", I went inside and was greeted by the whole crew.

I was looking at their menu which was very colorful and easy to understand, the prices for one to two people ranged from $10 down to about $5, they also offered big platters for about $30 to $40. It was my first time in and wasn't sure what to order, I asked what they recommended and they told me the Salmon Tempura was really good, it is a roll filled with salmon, cream cheese and deep fried with a tempura batter. I ordered the salmon roll and was soon hooked. Sushiology is considered by many to be a sushi fast food type place, I like it because its quick and you can even have it on a 30 min lunch and its healthy. All the ingredients are fresh and the place is very cleanly.

The next few times I visited I tried different things like the Kamikaze which is a tuna roll filled with crunchy tempura bits for texture and a spicy mayo sauce and covered with salty masago which is a type of caviar. I also tried their california, which is the most well known sushi roll in america that contains cucumber, crab stick, avocado and is also covered with masago and sesame.

I then ventured out and started ordering the desserts, they have four different desserts to choose from and I've had all four, the banana tempura is really good if you like fried desserts, basically it is a banana fried in tempura batter to make it nice and crunchy and then served with chocolate swirled vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The aged ringo was bacially an apple pie served with the same kind of ice cream. My favorite was the fried cheesecake with the ice cream, it was a cheesecake that was wrapped in a kind of wonton wrapper and deep fried and then served with the same chocolate swirled vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I am a regular at sushiology, I always have something new to try because they have such a wide menu, even the appetizers were sufficient enough to fill me up as a meal. I had the miso soup which is a soup with tofu and seaweed, it was just like any other miso soup I've had elsewhere except I could tell the dashi stalk the used was not fresh but other wise the soup was pretty good. I then moved on to the donburi which translated means rice bowl. It basically is what it means, it is a rice bowl that is served with a protein on top such as fish chicken or beef, the first one I ordered was the ten don. The ten don was served with tempura shrimp and vegetables. That one has to be one of my favorites because it has the tempura sauce to dip the tempura veggies and shrimp in and then it falls on and flavors the rice. The second time I ordered the ten don though it turned out really greasy and oily.

Finally sushiology also offers Japanese drinks and snacks as well as your regular coke products. I first had the Calpico which is a carbonated milk drink, I thought it tasted more like an orange cream soda. they also offer alcoholic drinks like sake and other plum wines. They also have teas such as oolong and green tea in convenient aluminum cans.

Overall my expierience was nice, as I waited to get my food, the mucic was current, the people were nice. I was happy to find out that Japanese tourists were even eating there so if they like it, it must be authentic. I give Sushiology a 3/5 chef hats because I obviously continue to eat there but they could work on making the food consistent in quality.

Location: 8249 Vineland Ave,
Orlando, FL 32821
Phone: (407) 239-4920